With the smartphone, the customer has to be „mailbox“ ever again in his pocket. This means that companies that access to customers is facilitated. With the right mobile CRM application, the right mobile application that gives the chance to interact directly with the customer. This potential of an app to bring out their full benefit if some points are observed on the way to implementation.

The benefit for the company is very diverse in these applications:

  1. Reduction of barriers Shopping: There can be lowered with the app hurdles in the purchasing process. For example, by the Store Locator is much easier for a mobile shopping list is provided at the PoS or missing information can be provided.
  2. Expansion of commercial possibilities: the customer has the advertising of the company by the phone is always in the bag, such as previously mailed coupons, latest catalogs, stored or configured products. A further advantage is the possibility of interactions in real time. That is, for example, coupons provided as required and can be used by the customer in real time.
  3. Monitoring of entire business processes: business processes, such as the gain of customer data, services or even the purchasing process, the customer always and everywhere to initiate and conduct. Thus, a larger range can be offered, for example, even in small shops, customers can pay for itself in a virtual checkout or contact a call center employee with full stores.

For this purpose must be sorgegeleistet that the application creates a relevant benefit for both the company and the customer. To achieve this, there are 10 tips to develop best app for the company and its customers:

Tip 1: Defining the strategy for CRM App

The first thing to determine which business support action is to be achieved through the app. That is, it must be determined whether the application is to increase the customer satisfaction with services is to increase sales through better put options or whether data should be collected, using which the customer behavior can be analyzed. This weighting of the individual points should be at the beginning of the development.

Tip 2: Depth connection with existing systems

In second place then the depth of the connection should be established. So the ease with which the application is to be integrated into the existing systems of the company. This can range from detached systems that allow easy setup, to a two-way connection with an existing CRM system, in which the customers and the company are in constant interaction with each other. The latter means that the complexity can be high and this is accompanied by a very large effort. The deeper but the connection is, the higher can be the benefit for the company and the customer.

Tip 3: Benchmarking the app features

It should be researched, which features on the market or in the industry already exist. It must be determined whether the app as followers offer „me too benefits“ to stay with the competitors at the same level, or whether an innovative product with new clients solutions to generate a competitive advantage. Recommended it seems to take over existing and relevant features, but offer few tailored to the customers additional features that are unique. 

Tip 4: Screening of customer problems

Fundamental to the development of a successful and thus used by the customer is the app identifies a customer benefit. As with product development is the central question of the app, which is to solve the customer’s problem app purchasing and product management process. Especially for this point sufficient time should be invested. Because here you can decide whether requirements can be identified that are relevant to a large number of customers. This ensures that many customers often use the app and thus the potential for the company increased significantly.

Tip 5: highlighting the USP’s

If the 4 previously developed points compared and weighted, one is able to continuously reflect the app development against the defined requirements and thus to build an app that has a real USP. It must be avoided to provide an app that goes in the existing oversupply of apps because it does not provide any new added value for the customer.

Tip 6: Planning in Releases

Defined the app should be done in the realization Releases. This means that only should start with a few basic functions and the app step by step to relevant features is expanded. Thus, the complexity can be reduced and the communication for the customer can be channeled. Too often, too many features are provided so that perish key aspects or let the app malfunctions die before they could even begin to establish themselves.

Start marketing to existing customers Tip # 7:

When marketing should be taken to ensure that at the beginning of the existing customers are made aware of the new mobile application. Because these have already enabled positive associations with the brand and the rapid spread. In addition, in order to ensure that valuable existing customers services are provided that are accepted Otherwise from the competition. 

Tip 8: Integration of Point of Sale

It is often neglected that the POS can be used in marketing and thus a rapid spread can be achieved. It can be used, for example, flyers or posters as an advertising medium on the sales floor. Supportive should draw attention talking to customers on the app the seller. In addition, campaigns should be connected via the app with the shopping experience in the store. Thus, the relevance for the customer can be significantly increased.

Tip 9: give possibility to generate personal data of the customer

Regardless of which strategic orientation has an app that should always be taken to ensure that identification via the app can be performed. It may be that a unique App ID is tracked in use or that personal data can be recorded. This is attributable to the behavior of the app with unique user profiles able and thus improve the quality of the app or entire business processes.

Tip 10: Compliance with data protection rules

Finally, it should always be taken to ensure that the opportunities for app will be used only to the extent that they meet both the statutory provisions and the ethical guidelines of the customer.

Mobile applications have an incredible value for the company if advice in the development described are observed. In particular, it is clear what benefit the app’s will donate for the company and the customer. Thus, a company can a coveted spot in the App-shelf clients secure and actively influence the behavior of the customers.